SMC 2011


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Conference materials

Program at a glance

Attendance to Technical Sessions (oral and poster presentations), lunches, coffee breaks, and social events is restricted to registered participants. Attendance to the four concerts of the music program and to the Rencon Workshop is free and open to the public.


  • OS: Oral Session
  • PC: Poster Craze
  • PS: Poster Session

From To Wed, July 6th Thu, July 7th Fri, July 8th Sat, July 9th
Information Engineering
Palazzo Bo Palazzo Bo Palazzo Bo
08.30 09.00 Registration Registration Registration
09.00 10.30 OS1
Computational Musicology
179 144 51 136
Emotions and expression in music
78 52 163 114
Environments for sound/music processing
123 130 50 167
10.30 11.00 PC1
10 37 47 54 55 58 66 67 71 79 80 81 95 133 152
44 84 86 98 101 102 103 111 116 118 119 120 124 125 156
138 141 150 154 164 169 173 180 183 185 187 189 217 219
11.00 12.00 Registration PS1/Coffee break PS2/Coffee break PS3/Coffee break
12.00 13.00 Welcome lunch and Rencon set piece publishing OS2
Musical heritage
72 85 73
Time is of the essence: creativity, symmetry, and counterintuitive solutions
Roberto Casati
Interaction with sound and music
109 161 193 165
13.00 13.30 PS1/Lunch PS2/Lunch
13.30 14.30 Visit to Rencon rendering room PS3/Lunch
14.30 15.00 Rencon Workshop (check timetable) OS3
Augmented learning
134 149 171 135
53 172 155 132
15.00 16.00 Trip to Venice (check details)
16.00 16.30 Coffee break Coffee break
16.30 18.00 Transfer to Conservatory OS4
Sound modeling
143 77 184 127
Music automation
145 107 82 96
18.00 19.00 Transfer to Conservatory Transfer to Conservatory Concert 3
19.00 20.00 Opening Concert Concert 1 Concert 2 Free time!
20.00 20.45 Welcome cocktal reception Free time! Transfer to restaurant
20.45 22.00 Conference dinner (check details)
22.00 23.00 Return to Padova
23.00 24.00 Free time!

Keynote address - Roberto Casati

Time is of the essence: creativity, symmetry, and counterintuitive solutions

By any measure, biological evolution is astonishingly creative, but can we use its mechanism as a model for understanding cultural creativity? Creative and artistic processes are meant to generate solutions, and the success of these solutions is highly contextually constrained. According to mainstream theories, creative enginges have two abstract components: a solution generator and a solution selector. Biological evolution puts all the constraints on the selection mechanism: generation is random, waste is immense, and luckily a vast amount of time provides endless biological money. Cultural evolution cannot afford to be that generous, whereby it must incorporate constraints in the generation itself. I shall discuss a number of cases in which creativity is achieved by exploring parametric solutions that are symmetric to the ones that appear intuitive.


Roberto Casati (Milan, Italy, 1961) is a tenured senior researcher with the French Centre National de la Recherche Scienti´Čüque (CNRS-EHESS-ENS). Based in Paris, France, he has worked on various research projects in philosophy and the cognitive sciences, and has taught at several universities, among which the State University of New York at Buffalo, the University IUAV-Venice, the University of Turin, and Columbia University. He is the recipient of various prizes and of grants from several institutions, including CNRS, MENRT, and the EU Commission. His books, some of which have been translated in many languages, include Holes and other superficialities (MIT Press 1994, with Achille Varzi), La philosophie du son (Philosophy of Sound, with J. Dokic, 1994), The Shadow Club (Knopf 2002). He is currently working, with V. Girotto, at a book on Creative Solutions.

Best paper award

The SMC2011 Best Paper Award is attributed through the following procedure
  1. During the review process, each reviewer can nominate one or more papers that is eligible to the award
  2. Based on the nominations made by reviewers, a short list of candidate papers is made
  3. After submission of camera-ready manuscripts, members of the Technical Program Committee read the final versions of the candidate papers and vote for one of them
  4. The final ranking is obtained by summing for each candidate paper all the nominations received by reviewers and all votes received by the Technical Program Committee
As a result of this procedure, the SMC2011 Best Paper Award is granted to
Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen, Christina Dravins, and Roberto Bresin
for their paper
Ljudskrapan/The Soundscraper: Sound exploration for children with complex needs, accommodating hearing aids and cochlear implants

Social events

  • Welcome cocktail reception
    • The welcome cocktail reception will take place on Wednesday, July 6th at the Conservatory, immediately after the end of the Opening Concert. It will start at about 20.00-20.30.
    • Please note: this social event is offered to all SMC2011 registered participants.
  • Conference dinner
    • The conference dinner will take place on Friday, July 8th at the Antica Trattoria Zaramella, one of Padova's historical restaurants (with two forks on the 2010 Michelin Guide), just a few hundred meters away from the conference venue. The dinner will start at 20.45, following Concert 2 (stay tuned for further details).
    • Please note: the price of the dinner is 50€ in addition to the conference fee (see Registration).
  • Trip to Venice
    • The excursion will take place on Saturday, July 9th. The current plan is the following:
      1. We will leave by coach from Piazza Garibaldi (close to Palazzo Bo) immediately after the conference closing, and will reach the pier in Fusina on the mainland west of Venice.
      2. From there we will embark on a 40-mins boat trip through the Fusina channel and Giudecca channel, and we will land at the Zattere on the northern shore of Giudecca Channel.
      3. We will have a short walk around Venice and reach the Conservatory "Benedetto Marcello", to listen to the last Concert of the music program (Concert 3 for Laptop Orchestra)
      4. After a few free hours for all, at 22:00 (10:00pm) we will embark on the return trip. This time the boat will leave from the Riva degli Schiavoni, 300m east of San Marco square. Be there on time, or be prepared to sleep under some venetian bridge ;-)
      5. We will land in Fusina and go back to Padova by coach.
    • Please note: the price of the trip is 20€ in addition to the conference fee (see Registration).

Organized by
SaMPL Conservatory

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union