SMC 2011

Call for participation

Paper Contributions / Music Contributions

Please note: the call for Participation is now closed. The list of accepted contributions is available in the Programme page.

SMC2011 will feature lectures, posters/demos, musical/sonic works, tutorials and other types of events. This page is about paper and music contributions but if you are interested in other type of contributions you can propose it to the organizers by sending an email to .
  • People interested in participating in the SMC 2011 Summer School should check here.
  • People interested in participating in the SMC-Rencon Workshop should check here.

Paper contributions

SMC 2011 will include paper presentations as both lectures and poster/demos. We invite submissions examining all the core topics of the Sound and Music Computing field. All submissions will be peer-reviewed according to the following criteria: originality; significance of the contribution to the field; quality of research; quality of writing; contribution to the conference program.
Accepted papers will be designated to be presented either as posters/demos or as lectures.

Review and Post-review. Paper submissions will be managed electronically through the EasyChair system, using a template that will be posted prior to the submission deadline. Please check all the information for authors and all the related important dates. After the notification of acceptance, authors will be requested to submit their camera-ready papers taking into account the reviews.

Proceedings. All accepted papers, independently of the presentation format, will be included in the conference Proceedings. The Proceedings will have a ISBN and will be distributed as an electronic publication. Please note that at least one of the paper authors has to register to the conference in order for the paper to be accepted, presented, and included in the Proceedings.

Special Issues. It is planned that revised versions of a selected number of papers (6 to 10) will be published in a special issue of the Journal of New Music Research (tentatively scheduled for the second half of 2012, to be confirmed). The title of the issue will be Creativity Rethinks Science. Therefore we especially welcome contributions that explore the conference theme from either the technical, artistic, or musicological viewpoints.
SMC2011 organizers are in contact with other journals in order to publish revised versions of a selected number of papers as journal articles.

Music contributions

SMC2011 invites submissions of musical works for the conference music program. Composers may submit up to three works, for one or more of the three planned concerts:
  1. Curator: Claudio Ambrosini.
    This concert features live electronic works that explore novel techniques for the performance with traditional acoustic instruments in relation to the possibilities of interaction and live processing. We particularly encourage works for acoustic instruments and electronics that link musical gesture to digital processing, including the spatial dimension.
  2. Curator: Ron Kuivila.
    This concert features works that explore the correlations and anticorrelations of digital and analog electronic music systems. We particularly encourage works that define digital models of analog live electronic systems and "bent" electronic instruments, build hybrid systems that combine and interconnect analog and digital systems, or provide entirely new approaches to analog circuitry.
  3. Curator: Marek ChoĊ‚oniewski.
    This concert features works that reinvent for the 3rd millenium the traditional model of the orchestra. We particularly encourage submissions of works using laptops as main instruments for the production, reproduction and manipulation of sound, possibly with the addition of other interactive technologies, as well as soloists or small acoustic ensembles.

Musical work specifications. A maximum duration of 10 minutes is strongly encouraged. All the associated electronics, software, and hardware must be prepared, managed and performed by the composer or by a performer provided and funded by the composer.
Concerts 1. and 2. will be held at the Concert Hall of the Conservatory "Cesare Pollini" of Padova. SMC2011 will provide the Ex Novo ensemble with soloists in the following instruments: piano, flute, clarinet, violin, and cello. Works making use of a single soloist from this ensemble are strongly encouraged. The composer may make use of other instruments in alternative (or possibly in addition) to the Ex Novo ensemble, however in this case performers must be provided and funded by the composer.
Concert 3. will be held at the Concert Hall of the Conservatory "Benedetto Marcello" of Venice. In this case the conference will provide the Arazzi Laptop Ensemble. Works can be written for a maximum of 8 laptopists. In terms of software the orchestra uses preferably Max/MSP (other free, commercial, and self-developed software should be evaluated). Each laptop uses the following hardware: keyboard, mousepad, fast ethernet (or wireless if required), 8 channels audio in/out, MIDI sliders. Optionally the following controllers are also available: WII remote, standard joystick, iPad, VGA output (for visuals). Specific OS features should not be counted upon. Acoustic instruments (up to three), extended controllers, and live-electronics may be used in addition to the Arazzi Laptop Ensemble, however in this case performers and technologies must be provided and funded by the composer.

Review and Post-review. Submissions will be managed electronically through the EasyChair system. Please check all the information for authors and all the related important dates.
All works will be reviewed by a panel composed by the Music Program Chairs and the Curators. We may recommend that submissions change category as part of the review process. Authors of accepted works will be requested to submit final music materials taking into account recommendations by the panel. In order for a selected work to be performed during the SMC2011 music program, at least one among the composer(s) and the performer(s) provided by the composer must register to the conference. The registered person is the only one admitted to the technical program, coffee breaks, and lunches.
Performance of a selected work may be cancelled if any of the following occur: (1) final music materials are not submitted by the deadline; (2) the associated HW/SW does not function properly; (3) the documentation is not complete enough to allow the work to be properly rehearsed and performed.

Organized by
SaMPL Conservatory

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union