SMC 2011


Fees / Cancellation policy / Registration form

  Early (before May 31) Late
Student Fee 150€ 250€
Regular Fee 250€ 350€
Summer School 200€
Full Pass 320€
Conference dinner +50€
Trip to Venice +20€
Conference dinner and Trip to Venice for accompanying persons 70€

Registration fees

  • Regular and Student registrations to the conference include:
    • Attendance to the Rencon Workshop (July 06)
    • Attendance to all paper sessions, poster sessions, keynotes and panels
    • Attendance to all concerts
    • Mid-morning and mid-afternoon coffee breaks
    • Lunches
    • Conference guide and electronic proceedings
  • Summer School and full-pass registrations are reserved to students accepted to the Summer School. Do not register to the Summer School nor proceed to Full-pass registration if you have not received an official confirmation of acceptance. Summer School registration includes:
    • Participation to Summer School
    • Lunches during the Summer School
    • Attendance to the Rencon Workshop (July 06)
    Full-pass registration includes:
    • Everything from Student registration
    • Everything from Summer School registration
  • Registration to Social Events is optional for everyone. Social events include
    • The social dinner on July 08: add 50€ to your registration fee
    • An organized return trip to Venice on July 09, in the occasion of the last concert of the Music Program (Conservatory of Venice): add 20€ to your registration fee,
    • Look for more information about social events.
  • Accomodation is not included in conference fees. A number of hotels propose special rates for participants to SMC 2011. You can contact them directly through this list. Do not forget to mention that you are guest of the Dept. of Information Engineering of the University of Padova when booking.

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation before June 15, 2011: 50% of the fee will be refunded
  • Cancellation after June 15, 2011: no refund

Registration form

  • Conference Attendees ("Regular" or "Student" registration, and social events) can register through this Registration form.
  • Summer School students ("Summer School" or "Full Pass" registration), should not use this form and instead write to
Instructions for registration - Please read!
  • Payment can be made with Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard) or via bank transfer.
  • If you choose to pay via bank transfer, your payment must be received within 10 days from the registration date, otherwise your registration will be automatically cancelled.
  • Choose your fee category (Regular/Student) with or without any social event from the menu "Participant Type". You can choose any combination for the social events. In particular:
    • Categories G) and H) give you access to both social events ("Social" = Conference dinner + Trip to Venice)
    • Category I) ("Social") is available for Accompanying persons who wish to participate to social events only (Conference dinner + Trip to Venice = 70€) and not to the technical program.
  • In the Invoice section, you can write NO in the field "VAT ID NUMBER (with ISO code)", if you do not know how how to fill it.

Organized by
SaMPL Conservatory

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union