Welcome to SMC 2012 in Copenhagen

The SMC Conference is the forum for international exchanges around the core interdisciplinary topics of Sound and Music Computing. SMC 2012 is organized by the Medialogy section, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University Copenhagen.

The general theme for the SMC 2012 conference is “Illusions”.
We welcome scientific contributions, demonstrations, installations and performances which are connected to the idea of sonic or multisensorial illusions.

SMC 2012 will feature lectures, posters/demos, musical/sonic works, tutorials and other types of events.

The SMC Summer School will take place just before the Conference with the theme “Multimodality”.
The school will aim at giving an opportunity to young researchers interested in the field to learn about some of the core interdisciplinary topics and to share their own experiences with other young researchers.

Attendance to Technical Sessions (oral and poster presentations), lunches, coffee breaks, and social events is restricted to registered participants. Attendance to the Music Program and to satellite events is free and open to the public. More information will be available on the Programme page.