Black Box Gallery

Black box gallery is one of the galleries hosting
installations. An official tour of the installation will be performed on July 13th.

BLACK BOX GALLERY is a gallery that promotes digital and new media art. It is a meeting place for people with interest in art and/or these technologies. The ambition of the gallery to open the eyes of the general public to these art forms. This happens both in Gallery shows and through participation in international art fairs. These fairs have included Arco in Madrid, Scope in New York, and SLICK in Paris. Participation in fairs promotes both the gallery and gallery artists in an international context. Cooperation is an important principle of Black Box Gallery and the gallery cooperates with galleries in Austria, Spain, and Denmark. This cooperative approach will be expanding to as many countries as possible.

Artists represented by the gallery include:
France Cadet [F], Mogens Jacobsen [DK], Eduardo Kac [USA], Pomodoro Bolzano [DE],
Manfred Mohr [USA/DE], Vera Molnar [F], and Signe Vad [DK].

The gallery is owned and run by Peet Thomsen who has a Masters Degree in Art History and Multimedia from the University of Ã…rhus in Denmark.