Music Program

1. Concert: Electro-acoustic Music  and Welcome Reception!
Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art
Curator: Spencer Topel

1. Pierre Alexandre Tremblay: La Rupture Inéluctable for bass clarinet and electronics (Heather Roche, bass clarinet)
2. Akira Takaoka: Responsorium for voice and electronics (Signe Asmussen, Figura Ensemble)
3. Judith Shatin: Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing; After Hokusai for clarinet and electronics (Anna Klett, Figura Ensemble))
4. Jesper Holmen: XP for saw, clarinet, double bass and electronics (Figura Ensemble)
5. Panayiotis Kokoras: T-totum for percussion and electronics (Frans Hansen, Figura Ensemble)


6.  Spencer Topel: Svin for double bass and electronics (Jesper Egelund, Figura Ensemble)
7. Alex Harker: Fluence for clarinet and electronics (Heather Roche, clarinet)
8. Joao Pedro Oliveira: Vox Sum Vitae for percussion and electronics (Frans Hansen, Figura Ensemble)
9. Judith Shatin: Grito del Corazon for ensemble and electronics (Figura Ensemble)

2. Concert: Music for Novel Instruments and Interfaces
Thursday, July 12, 2012
Curator: Chikashi Miyama

1. Atau Tanaka and Adam Parkinson:  Adam and Atau for 4 hands iPhone
2. Yuta Uozumi and Keisuke Oyama: Four Fragments for swarming robotics
3. Dan Tramte: Corse Mode for straight key and electronics
4. Dimitri Paile and Johan Snell: Brain Music – musical output by thought
5. Butch Rovan and Lucky Leone: Slim Jim Choker for typewriter, voice and electronics
6. Chikashi Miyama: Treble Motion for Qgo

3. Sound Installations: Uncommon Resonance: Speaker as a sound object.
On display from July 11 through July 14 (daily from noon to 7PM at Black Box and Damp Galleries and 9AM-6PM at the University).
July 13, 2012:  organized gallery walk 4-7PM
Curator: Paula Matthusen

Black Box Gallery
1. Ted Apel: Call and Resonance
2. James Nesfield: Canvas
3.  Paula Matthusen: Work Divided by Time

Damp Gallery
1. Laura Maes: Oorwonde
Supported by the Flemish government.

Aalborg University Copenhagen 
1. Martin Rumori: inout
2.  Peter Batchelor: Dome

4. Concert: Music Robots
Saturday, July 14, 2012
Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art

Curators: Expressive Machines Musical Instruments

1. Peter Van Zandt Lane: Nebula Squeeze for bassoon, AMI, and CARI (P. Van Zandt Lane, bassoon)
2.Arne Eigenfeldt: Coming Together : EMMI for  AMI, CARI and TAPI
3. Shawn Trail: Untitled for EMMI selection
4. Scott Miller: Détente for AMI, CARI, TAPI and Kyma
5. Nick Collins: Blues for Nancarrow for AMI, CARI and TAPI
6. Judith Shatin: Sic Transit for TAPI and percussion (Frans Hansen, percussion; Figura Ensemble)
7. Steven Kemper: Microbursts for AMI, CARI and TAPI
8. Troy Rogers: Phantom Variations for AMI, CARI and TAPI
9. Scott Barton: From Here to There for AMI, CARI and TAPI