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Inspirational Session on "Current Challenges in Sound and Music Computing"


Chaired by Xavier Serra

Through eight short presentations and a lively discussion on open issues and challenges this session aims to gather ideas for updating the Sound and Music Computing Roadmap (


  • Giovanni de Poli, Federico Avanzini: "The evolving context of SMC Education - Notes for a Discussion" 
  • Antonio Camurri, Gualtiero Volpe: "Joint SMC EU curricula – some ideas and perspectives" 
  • Matthias Mauch, Katy Noland, Dan Tidhar: "Unified Music Modelling and Evaluation: A central concept" 
  • Marcelo Wanderley: "Evaluation of Input Devices for Musical Expression" 
  • Anssi Klapuri: "Collecting samples from our living environment and making machines to understand sound" 
  • Chris Chafe: "Network Concerts: Virtues and Challenges" 
  • Hannes Raffaseder: "More of the same? - Towards new artistic concepts and aesthetic approaches in computer music" 
  • Christopher Raphael: "Music for Computer Games"


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