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The SMC 2009 Best Paper Award has been attributed to the paper "Making an Orchestra Speak" by Arshia Cont, Gilbert Nouno, Gregoire Carpentier and Jonathan Harvey.




The SMC 2009 Best Paper Contest is now CLOSED.


You can access the full content of all papers and vote for the paper you believe is the best. You can vote for a maximum of 3 papers, with no special order. Votes will be open until Wednesday July 22nd.

Via these votes, members of the SMC community will elect the best conference paper, whose first author will win an iPod.

We will then select randomly among those of you whose vote include the winning paper. The selected person will also win an iPod.


Procedure: In order to vote, and for us to be able to retrieve your name in case you win, you must first register in the system. You can then access the poll, and vote.


Some rules:

  • Yes, you can vote for your own paper. (But you increase your chances by also voting for others).
  • Votes are restricted to people registered to SMC 2009
  • You can only register once. We will check :-)



"Best" paper?

We do not intend to impose a specific set of criteria for defining SMC paper quality. "Best" should not necessarily be understood just in the traditional academic sense. The best SMC 2009 paper might also have attributes that are normally not considered in academic rating, such as artistic interest, relevance to the field, novelty, insightfulness, forward-thinking or potential to generate interesting and controversial discussions,... or other subjective considerations that you might consider relevant for our field.


Data privacy

We will respect the privacy of your votes and won't publish them under any circumstances.  


Only the names of the participants who voted for the wining paper (and the final winner) will be announced during the conference.



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"Sounds of Porto"

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