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Inspirational session on "Algorithmic Composition and Interactive Music"


Chaired by Carlos Guedes

Algorithmic composition and interactive music systems have recently found new interesting usage in software applications employing generative/procedural music. Nowadays we can hear generative music in games (e.g. Spore) in other entertaining applications (e.g. Bloom), and even in software that allows their users to create music interactively using generative algorithms of all sorts (e.g. Noatikl, Nodal). In this inspirational session dedicated to algorithmic composition and procedural music, we will assess the current state of the art and discuss future developments in this field that has caught a fair amount of attention recently. The panel will have as speakers Christopher Ariza (Towson University), Clarence Barlow (University of California, Santa Barbara), Bruce Pennycook (University of Texas, Austin), Robert Rowe (New York University), and Julian Rubisch, Michael Jaksche and Hannes Raffaseder from the Institute for Media Production at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten (Austria). Participants were invited to submit a 1-page abstract for the session addressing an issue they find pertinent in today’s discussion about algorithmic generative music and interactive music systems. Each participant will introduce his topic of choice for 10 minutes, and a speculative discussion between the participants and interested members of the audience about the future developments in the field will follow.


  • Christopher Ariza: “Misrepresentation and Overestimation in Generative Music Systems: A Case Study in the Representation and Reception of WolframTones” 
  • Clarence Barlow: “On my algorithmic compositional work and in particular on AUTOBUSK” 
  • Bruce Pennycook: "Algorithmic Composition and Procedural Music" 
  • Robert Rowe: “Split Levels: Symbolic to sub-symbolic interactive music systems” 
  • Michael Jaksche, Julian Rubisch, Hannes Raffaseder: “Generative Music for Media Applications (GeMMA)”
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