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Casa da Música

The main venue for SMC 2009 is Porto's Concert Hall, the Casa da Música, a premier cultural and architectonic landmark, located in the new center of the city, in an area of easy access by public transportation, a central hub of the city transportation network (metro and buses). Furthermore, its original and innovative architecture mirrors the conference’s focus on recent and innovative trends in Sound and Music Computing research.

Many of our special rates hotels are within walking distance of the Casa da Música (you can check on the map). There is also a direct metro service to Porto International Airport from the Casa da Música metro station.

Besides its excellent location, the Casa da Música ensures the appropriate environment for this event, including a list of useful services, such as free access to the wireless network. 

The bar/disco Passos Manuel (here is how the entrance looks like) will serve as an alternative venue for nightly concerts and inspirational sessions. Going from one venue to the other is a 15-minutes walk+metro trip.


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"Sounds of Porto"

Check here for info about the SMC Summer School (18-21 July 2009)

Main Conference Venue
SMC 2009 will be held 23-25 July 2009 in the CASA DA MUSICA


Avenida da Boavista, 604-610

4149-071 PORTO


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