Sound and Music Computing '05

            XV CIM - Nov. 24-26 2005, Salerno, Italy


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SMC '05

November 2005
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Special Topics

Sound synthesis

  • Physical modeling

  • Nonlinear distortion

  • Spectral modeling

  • Time-frequency synthesis

  • Wavefield synthesis

  • Non-traditional synthesis methods

Performance and controls

  • Interfaces (graphical, gestural, visual, tactile, audible,...) and dynamic control

  • Physically based description and control of sound

  • Synthesis and control of auditory images in space

  • Network/distributed applications (composition, sound synthesis, performance)

  • Modeling of complex sonic events and of environmental sonic contexts

  • Techniques of live electronics

Representations of sound

  • Symbolic representations and notations of electroacoustic music

  • Sound protocols and audio formats

  • Manipulation of sound (algorithmic, graphical)

  • Acoustic compilers and languages for signal processing

  • Integrated frameworks for music composition and synthesis

  • Mathematics of time-frequency representations (wavelets, Gabor grains, ...)