Sound and Music Computing '05

            XV CIM - Nov. 24-26 2005, Salerno, Italy


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Call for music and sound works

The SMC05 organizers invite the submission of compositions and sound works. We are planning to select a number of works for concert presentation, and possibly some works for installation.

The selection process will give preference to works somehow related to the conference title (SOUND SYNTHESIS, REPRESENTATIONS AND ENVIRONMENTS), and to innovative explorations of digital media in music and other forms of sonic arts.

The word "environments" in the conference title does not imply any special preference for soundscape works. Rather, it is used here to point to a variety of approaches (soundscape not excluded, of course) on both the physical and the social characteristics of the space(s) where music happens, and on the ways we understand and use sonic information in our orientation through the (either natural or humanly-built) environment.

Who can apply

Submissions can be sent in by composers, sound installation artists, and performers too. Each applicant should send no more than two applications at the conference address:

     SMC05 - DMI Università di Salerno
     Via Ponte Don Melillo
     84084 Fisciano (SA)

What should be submitted

Eligible for submissions are

  • stereo (CD) or multichannel audio (up to 8 channels) works

  • works for one or two instruments and any number of audio tracks

  • works for solo live electronics

  • works for one or two instruments and live electronics

  • sound installations includind either live or recorded audio

  • works mixing audio and video

Works for concert presentation should be around 10 minutes in duration or shorter. Longer works will be given smaller priority in the selection process, although they will not be excluded a priori. Installations can be of any duration.

Selected applicants are expected to join the SMC05 to supervise or participate in the presentation of their work. They are requested to provide any special equipment their work may need to be properly presented. This is especially the case with works using live electronics equipment, or special installation set-ups. For the performance of works using musical instruments, the SMC05 organizers may provide a limited number of professional instrumentalists, but composers are also encouraged to propose and bring their own instrumentalist(s). However, at this preliminary stage, the organizers cannot grant travel expenses coverage: only when the selection process will be completed, will the organizers be in the position to eventually consider expense coverage.

With your submission, please provide the following information:

  • title, year of composition, and duration of submitted work

  • a short presentation (max half page)

  • a short description of the technological resources utilized in the composition and/or the performance

  • for installations, please send a rough description of the logistics that may best fit your proposal (size of room, placement of equipment, visitor's pathwalk, etc.)

  • a short biographical note of the applicant(s) (max half page)

  • audio and/or video material (see below)

Submission Material

  • for stereo sound works: audio CD or CD-rom (WAV or AIFF files)

  • for multichannel sound works: CD-rom with as many mono files (WAV or AIFF) as channels. Possibly, please send a stereo mixdown, too.

  • for live electronics solo works: full recording of submitted work (stereo or multichannel), on CD-rom

  • for works using instrumentalists: score and full recording (instrument(s) + audio tracks or live electronics)

  • for installations, please send demo audio material and, if relevant, video material too (photographs, or video clips, AVI or other common formats). Audio and video materials should be on CD-rom.

  • for audio-video works: demo clips and complete audio material on CD-rom

Please, clearly label all your materials (CD jewel box, paper work, scores).

Please, clarify if any of your submission material should be saved for use in concert presentation.


Submissions must be received no later than June 15, 2005
NEW - Applicants will be notified of acceptance by September 15, 2005