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Presentation guidelines


Oral presentations of scientific papers

  • During the conference, each paper has an allocation of 20 minutes for presentation, including comments/questions from the audience. Hence, to promote interaction with the audience, we encourage you to prepare a 15 minutes presentation.
  • Authors are encouraged to bring their own laptop computer to show their presentations.
  • For those who will not bring their laptop computer, a computer will be available for transferring their presentation. In that case, presentations should be in PDF format and should be sent to the organisers at least the day before presentation. 
  • Authors must be present in the room and introduce themselves to their session chair at least 15 minutes before the start of their session.
  • Specific technical requirements should be asked to the conference organisation (by mail) before July 6th.

Poster presentations

  • Each day, a different selection of posters will be hung in specific spaces inside the Casa da Música for the whole day. On the specific day of display of their poster, authors are asked to be near their poster during both coffee breaks.
  • The dimensions of the poster should not exceed ISO A0 portrait size: i.e., maximum height = 1189mm (46.81 inches) and maximum width = 841mm (33.11 inches).
  • There will be a power plug and a small table for each poster presenter asking for it. For playing sound examples, poster presenters should bring their own headphones (no loudspeakers).
  • During the conference, a 2-minutes “poster-craze” session will be organised during regular paper presentations: each poster presenter will have exactly 2 minutes and 1 single slide (time will be controlled by the session chair) to present their poster and “tease” the audience, inviting them to a more personal scientific discussion later around their poster. Presenters will not have the possibility to use their own laptop computer for showing their slide, they will send their slide (in PDF format) to the conference organisers who will transfer it on the conference computer. All presenters must send their 1 slide to the organisers before the deadline indicated here.
  • Specific technical requirements should be asked to the conference organisation (by mail) before July 6th.
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