IDC 2010


SuperCollider for Real Time, Interactive Audio

Andrea Valle
CIRMA, Università di Torino


A crash course for absolute beginners in SuperCollider - an environment and programming language for real-time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. The workshop will introduce the participants to all the key elements of SuperCollider. The overall basic presentation aims at letting the user move along in learning SuperCollider by her/himself. Architecture, audio server, language basics, GUI, scheduling will be exemplified by creating step-by-step a minimal application that will allow the user to play live while writing on the keyboard.

This tutorial is limited to 30 participants. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis

(Ab)using MIR to create music: corpus-based synthesis and audio mosaicing

Diemo Schwarz
IMTR Team, Ircam – Centre Pompidou


The wealth of tools developed in Music Information Retrieval (MIR) for the description, indexation, and retrieval of music and sound can be easily (ab)used for the creation of new musical material and sound design. In this tutorial we will focus on corpus-based concatenative synthesis (CBCS), a generalisation of audio mosaicing, where short snippets of a descriptor-analysed sound corpus are played according to a match with a target, either given in terms of descriptors or by a target sound. This allows to explore a large corpus of sounds interactively, or by composing a path through the descriptor space, and to create novel harmonic, melodic and timbral structures, while keeping the richness and nuances of the original sound material. The workshop will use the free modular CataRT real-time synthesis system ( for Max/MSP with FTM&Co that also works as a standalone application. In the workshop we will learn how to use and control CataRT with the mouse, external controllers, and incoming audio, how to adapt its modules to various applications, and how to extend its descriptor analysis and import.

This tutorial is limited to 30 participants. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis

Hands-on ReacTable!

Sergi Jorda, Daniel Gallardo, Carles F. Julià
MTG, Universitat Pompeu Fabra


This workshop offers participants hands on experience with real-time music creation using tabletop and tangible interfaces. The workshop structure is divided into three parts, which are: 

  • An introduction to the ReacTable tabletop music synthesiser, during which participants will have the opportunity to play on the ReacTable.
  • A brief tutorial on sound and music programming in PureData, a visual programming language with a signal processing orientation, and an introduction to an in-house generic tabletop display and controller framework to control PureData programs. This will be followed by a more theoretical discussion about the relevance and the adequacy of tangibles, and more specifically tabletops, for music performance.

  • The development, in groups, of a musical tangible application written in PD and controlled using a tabletop interface. This will involve developing sound/music PureData patches, designing and discussing the mapping of parameters, testing the application on a tabletop (i.e. the ReacTable hardware) and finally presenting the work in front of the workshop participants.


  • Basic knowledge of the PD programming language is required
  • Participants are required to bring their own laptops with PD extended installed
  • Knowledge of C++ an advantage but not required

Due to space/hardware limitations this tutorial is limited to 12 participants only. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis

Sponsored by
Generalitat de Catalunya - CoNCA
Ajuntament de Barcelona
SGAE - Fundació Autor
Conservatori municipal
Conservatori Liceu