IDC 2010

Call for participation

SMC 2010 will feature lectures, posters/demos, musical/sonic works, tutorials and other types of events. In this page we include information related to the papers and music submissions but if you are interested in other type of contributions you can propose it to the organizers by sending an email to . People interested in participating in the SMC 2010 Summer School should check here.

Paper contributions:

SMC 2010 will include paper presentations as both lectures and poster/demos and we invite submissions examining all the core areas of the Sound and Music Computing field. All submissions will be peer-reviewed according to their novelty, technical content, presentation, and contribution to the overall balance of topics represented at the conference. Paper submissions should have a maximum of 8 pages including figures and references. Accepted papers will be designated to be presented either as posters/demos or as lectures.

The paper submissions will be done electronically using a template that will be posted prior to the submission deadline of Friday 23rd of April 2010. The notification of acceptance will be Monday 24th of May 2010 and the deadline for submissions of the camera-ready papers will be on Monday 14th of June 2010. At least one of the paper authors has to register to the conference for the paper to be accepted and published.

All accepted papers, independently of the presentation format, will be included in the conference Proceedings which will be distributed as an electronic publication. The SMC 2010 organizers are in contact with several journals in order to publish extended versions of a selected number of papers as journal articles.

Music contributions:

SMC 2010 will include six concerts in a hall with an octophonic system and we invite submissions that explore and take advantage of recently or newly developed technologies related to Sound and Music Computing. Three of the concerts will feature performers and interactive computer systems, one concert will feature the ESMUC laptop orchestra, another concert will feature the Reactable and another concert will be around We specially welcome works by novel composers and the length of the pieces should not be longer than 10 minutes. For each concert a designated curator will put together the program from the submitted works.

Music proposals (scores, audio materials stereo .wav or .aiff on CD or DVD) should be sent by regular mail to:

Andres Lewin-Richter
UPF Poblenou-IUA
Roc Boronat 138
08018 Barcelona

The deadline for music submissions will be Friday 23rd of April 2010 and the notification of acceptance will be Monday 24th of May 2010. The music composer has to register to the conference for the piece to be accepted and performed.

For the three concerts featuring performers and interactive computer systems we welcome acousmatic pieces or pieces for instrument and electronics (no acoustic piano available, nor large percussion instruments such as xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, tam tam, kettle drums, etc.).

We can supply performers for a number of instruments (recorder, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, saxophone quartet, percussion) and it is expected the composers to supply performers when they are not available on the side of the organization.

For the concert featuring the ESMUC laptop orchestra ( works can be written for a maximum of 8 laptopists. In terms of software the orchestra uses PureData extended, SuperCollider, and Chuck, and for each laptop it uses the following hardware: Keyboard & mousepad, Fast Ethernet (or wireless if required), Bluetooth, Stereo output (either to the mixer or to individual stereo monitors). Optionally the following controllers are also available: WII remote, standard joystick,  and VGA output (for visuals). You should not count on specific OS features, as the Orchestra performs with Mac, Windows & Linux machines. For simplicity, we suggest sharing the same patch among all the laptops.

For the concert featuring the Reactable we welcome proposals of pieces for either the Reactable as a solo instrument or in combination with other instruments. The proposals should include a description of the piece to be done and it should also include recordings of related works by the same composer. If the proposal is accepted the composer will have the opportunity to work for a period of time with a Reactable to prepare the piece and will also get support from the developers of the instrument.

For the concert around we welcome pieces and proposals that take advantage of the sounds in and of the community that exist around the site. All proposals should only use sounds from and use a Creative Commons license for the final work. We specially welcome non-traditional, but feasible, setups for the performance of the piece.

Any questions related to the music proposals please contact


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