IDC 2010

Information for authors

Oral Presentations

All oral presentations at SMC 2010 are alloted 20 minutes of presentation time, inclusive of time for questions. This time limit will be strictly enforced. Presenters are asked to plan for their presentations accordingly, although they are encouraged to prepare a 15 minutes presentation. A laptop will be provided to use for the presentations. Presentations should be in PDF format. Otherwise, authors are free to bring their own laptop if they feel more confortable (whether they need to use specific software, multimedia attachments, etc.). All oral presenters are requested to check in with their session chair 15 minutes before the beginning of their session in order to confirm that their presentation will display correctly. Specific technical requirements should be asked to the conference organisation (by mail) before July 9th.

Poster Presentations

A poster board, measuring 1m x 2m (39.37' x 78.74' , portrait orientation), will be available for each presenter. Your poster should fit entirely within this space, although it does not necessarily have to fill the entire area. An ideal maximum size for the poster could be A0 (0.841m x 1.189m, 33.1' x 46.8') for portrait orientation, or A1 (0.841m x 0.594m, 33.1' x 23.4') for landscape orientation We will have a limited number of tables for additional presentation materials (laptops, etc.) available, up to 1 table for 2 poster boards. Please note that we may not be able to provide power to all of the tables, so presenters are encouraged to provide their own solutions. Moreover, for playing sound examples, poster presenters should bring their own headphones (no loudspeakers). During the conference, a 2-minutes "poster-craze" session will be organised during regular paper presentations: each poster presenter will have exactly 2 minutes and 1 single slide (time will be controlled by the session chair) to present their poster and "tease" the audience, inviting them to a more personal scientific discussion later around their poster. Presenters will not have the possibility to use their own laptop computer for showing their slide, they will send their slide (in PDF format) to the conference organisers who will transfer it on the conference computer. All presenters must send their 1 slide to the organisers before Friday 16 July 2010 Specific technical requirements should be asked to the conference organisation (by mail) before July 9th.

Local printing options

Llacuna, 132
(4 minutes walking distance from the venue)
Printing prices: 15-30 €, depending on the size (A0 or A1) and the finishing (gloss or matte)


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Generalitat de Catalunya - CoNCA
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