IDC 2010

Welcome to SMC 2010

The 7th edition of the Sound and Music Computing Conference has finished succesfully.
A complete program of the conference is available at
Our original goal in organizing SMC 2010 was to keep the conference to a relatively small size, while continuing the effort in promoting quality research on the interdisciplinary aspects of the SMC field and also continuing the effort in emphasizing the involvement of young researchers. After the conference has finished we can confirm that our original goals have been fulfilled.
The Summer School that took place just before the conference included lectures and group projects around the topic of soundscapes, combining both artistic and technological approaches. A set of tutorials offering hands-on training on relevant software tools for the field took place the day before the conference. For the concerts we received 60 music submissions from which 30 pieces were selected. For the paper presentations we received 130 submissions, from which 30 were chosen to be presented as oral presentations and 45 were chosen to be presented as posters. All the selected articles have been published electronically under a Creative Commons License on the website:
Thanks to all the participants for making SMC 2010 a succesful event.

Xavier Serra
SMC2010 General Chair

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