5th Sound and Music Computing Conference


The schedule can be subject to minor revisions.

Thursday, 31.07.08

 14.00-17.00 Session 1: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms
 Room: H 1012
 14.00An Artificial Life Approach to Machine Learning of Musical Worldviews for Improvisation Systems (Marcelo Gimenes, Eduardo R. Miranda)
 14.30Breeding Rhythms with Artificial Life (Joao M. Martins, Eduardo R. Miranda)
 15.00Melody Characterization by a Genetic Fuzzy System (Pedro J. Ponce de León, David Rizo, Rafael Ramirez, Jose M. Inesta )
 15.30-16.00Coffee Break
 16.00Expressive Performance in the Human Tenor Voice (Maria Cristina Marinescu, Rafael Ramirez)
 16.30Modeling Moods in Violin Performances (Alfonso Perez, Rafael Ramirez, Stefan Kersten)
 18.00Opening and Keynote lecture
 Room: H 104
 Welcome Statements by
-Stefan Weinzierl (Audio communication group, TU Berlin)
-Michael Harenberg (President DEGEM)
 Keynote lecture
 Bernhard Leitner: SOUND : SPACE. 1968 – 2008
 20.30Opening Concert
 Room: H 104
 Gilles Gobeil: Castalie (UA/AW)
Ludger Brümmer: Move
Hans Tutschku: Zellen – Linien
Åke Parmerud: Dreaming in Darkness


Friday, 01.08.08

Session 2: Spatialisation Technologies
 Room: H 1012
10.00RetroSpat: a Perception-Based System for Semi-Automatic Diffusion of Acousmatic Music (Joan Mouba, Sylvain Marchand, Boris Mansencal, Jean-Michel Rivet)
Asymmetrical Envelope Shapes in Sound Spatialization (Francesco Canavese, Francesco Giomi, Damiano Meacci, Kilian Schwoon)
Coffee Break
11.30 Invited Talk: Using physical models for sound spatialisation (Hans Tutschku) 
Distance encoding in Ambisonics using three angular coordinates (Rui Penha)
Granular Sound Spatialization Using Dictionary-Based Methods
(Aaron McLeran, Curtis Roads, Bob L. Sturm, John J. Shynk)
Session 3: Perception of Space
 Room: H 1012
Vocabulary of space perception in electroacoustic musics composed or spatialised in pentaphony (Bertrand Merlier)
15.00 Sound as Multiplicity: Spaces and representations in computer music composition (Arturo Fuentes)
Session 4: Performance and Interaction
 Room: H 1012
16.00Sound Spatialisation, Free Improvisation and Ambiguity (James Mooney, Paul Belly, Adam Parkinson)
16.30Traditional and digital music instruments: a relationship based on a interactive model (Paulo Ferreira-Lopes)
17.00 Aesthetic strategies of a coupling of tactile and aural feedback – Influence of the distance of a loudspeaker to the performer on musical expressiveness (Jin Hyun Kim)
09.00-13.00Session 5: Space in Sound. Aesthetical Aspects
 Room: H 1028
09.00Invited Talk: The necessity for an aesthetic disorientation (Agostino di Scipio)
09.30Memory Space (Simon Emmerson)
10.00Echi tra le Volte, a sound design project for churches (Andrea Taroppi)
10.30 Spatial Orchestration (Eric Lyon)
11.00-11.30Coffee Break
12.00Applications of Typomorphology in Acute; Scoring the Ideal and its Mirror. (Ricardo Climent)
12.30Space resonating through sound (Lílian Campesato, Fernando Iazzetta)
14.00-17.00Session 6: Space in Sound. Musicological Aspects
 Room: H 1028
14.00 Invited Talk: Being a musician in a moving world (Daniel Teruggi) 
14.30Space as an Evolution Strategy. Sketch of a Generative Ecosystemic Structure of Sound (Massimo Scamarcio)
15.00The space in music of russian futurism: revolutionary prophecy of the "Sirens' Symphony" by Arseny Avraamov (Mikhail Dubov)
15.30-16.00Coffee Break
16.00 Textural Composition and its Space (Kerry Hagan)
16.30Sound in Cyberspace: Exploring Material Technoculture (Marilou Polymeropoulou)
 Room: H 104
 SMC Call for Music - Selected works
 Erik Nyström: Multiverse
Volker Hennes: The Maelstrom Method
Sam Salem: They Sing for Themselves
Douglas Henderson: The 103rd Thing and the 104th Thing
Georg Dennis: Electric Sheep
Jef Chippewa: DUO Javier
Alejandro Garavaglia: Pathétique
Martin Bedard: Excavations
 Room: H 104
 Von Mono zum Wellenfeld - 1
 Gilles Gobeil: Castalie (2008) UA/AW
Karel Goeyvaerts: Compositie Nr. 5 met zuivere tonen (1953)
Rolf Enström: Directions (1979)
Franco Donatoni: Quartetto III (1961)
Earle Brown: Octet I (1953)
Henri Pousseur: Alaskamazonie, Canadacathay & Vietnamibie aus Voix et Vues planétaires (2003/2004)
Pei-Yu Shi: Slow, slow tune (2008) UA für Ensemble und Live-Elektronik
Kees Tazelaar: Crosstalk (2008) UA
22.30 Concert 
 Room: H 104 
 SMC Call for Music - Selected works
Thanos Chrysakis: INSCAPES 11-10; Klangdom
John Ritz: In the Very Eye of Night; Acousmonium
Yutaka Makino: Ephemera; WFS + Klangdom + Acousmonium
Daniel Blinkhorn: Jeu fabriqué; Acousmonium
Ka Ho Cheung: FishyBahn, Klangdom
Pei Yu Shi: Fall aus der Zeit …; WFS
Manuella Blackburn: Origami; Acousmonium
Ioannis Kalantzis: Parastaseis A B C D; any system
Annette Vande Gorne: Yawar Fiesta (opera), 2. part; Acousmonium + Klangdom


Saturday, 02.08.08


09.30-13.00 Session 7: Algorithms and Environments for Music Composition
 Room: H 1012
09.30 Invited Talk: Mastering the materials: Integrating signal processing and organisational strategies for composing: "Globalalia" and beyond (Trevor Wishart) 
10.00CompScheme: A Language for Composition and Stochastic Synthesis (Luc Döbereiner)
10.30A dynamic spatial locator ugen for CLM (Fernando Lopez-Lezcano)
11.00-11.30Coffee Break
11.30Zsa.Descriptors: a library for real-time descriptors analysis (Mikhail Malt , Emmanuel Jourdan)
12.00Ephemeron: Control over Self-Organised Music (Phivos-Angelos Kollias)
12.30An algorithm for real-time harmonic microtuning (Marc Sabat)
14.00-15.00Session 8: Studio Reports and Environments
 Room: H 1012
14.00Novars research entre, University of Manchester, UK. Studio report (Ricardo Climent, David Berezan, Andrew Davison)
14.30Speaker-Herd: A Multichannel Loudspeaker Project for Miscellaneous Spaces, Loudspeaker Architectures and Composition Approaches (P. Modler, L. Fütterer, E. Farchmin, F. Bierlein, R. Raepple, D. Loscher, T. Möhrmann, A. Rafinsky, M Zielke, A. Kerschkewitz, A. Unger)
15.30-16.30Session 9: Feature Extraction & Classification
 Room: H 1012
15.30Modeling Affective Content of Music: A Knowledge Base Approach (Antonio Pedro Oliviera, Amilcar Cardoso)
16.00Mode-dependent Differences in Chord Classification under an Original Computational Method of Tonal Structure Analysis (Miroslaw Majchrzak)
10.00-11.30Session 10: Sound Synthesis (->mp3 )
 Room: H 1028
10.00Concatenative Synthesis of Expressive Saxophone Performance (Stefan Kersten, Rafael Ramirez)
10.30Designing and Synthesizing Delay-Based Digital Audio Effects using the CORDIS ANIMA Physical Modeling Formalism (Kontogeorgakopoulos Alexandros, Cadoz Claude)
11.00Extending voice-driven synthesis to audio mosaicing (Jordi Janer, Maarten de Boer)
11.00-13.00 The future of copyright in Germany (in german) 
 Dr. Jürgen Brandhorst
 GEMA Generaldirektion, Bayreuther Str. 37, 10787 Berlin 
14.00-17.00DEGEM  General meeting
 Room: H 1028 (changed from H 1012!)
16.30-18.30Sound Installation Tour Villa Elisabeth
 starting from the TU foyer 
 Room: H 104 

José Iges: La Ciudad Resonante

 Room: H 104 
 Von Mono zum Wellenfeld - 2
 Gilles Gobeil: Castalie (2008) UA/AW
Walter Ruttmann: Weekend (1929/30)
Ivo Malec: Week-end (Mvts 3 and 4) (1982)
Trevor Wishart: Vox-5 (1986)
John Chowning: Turenas (1972)
Mark Applebaum: Pre-Composition (2003)
Johannes S. Sistermanns: horizon   t (2008) UA/AW


Sunday, 03.08.08

10.00-12.00HfG - Klangkugel (Paul Modler, Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe)
12.00-15.00Composers' Forum, concert, demonstration, discussion
 with Daniel Teruggi, Hans Tutschku, Ludger Brümmer e.a.
 moderated by Fernando López-Lezcano Room: H104
15.00-17.00SMC Steering committee 
 Room: H 1012
18.00 Concert 
 Room: H 104 
 GRM and friends
 Horacio Vaggione: Arenas
Wilfried Jentzsch: Dream of B
Denis Smalley: Pentes
Jean-Claude Risset: Sud
Pierre Henry: Labyrinthe ! (excerpts)
Hans Tutschku: Zwei Räume UA