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4th Sound and Music Computing Conference

11-13 July 2007, Lefkada, Greece

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Practical Information

The Conference Venue

The Conference venue is located by the seaside, at the south part of the town of Lefkada and at a distance of approx. 2 km from the main accommodation areas.

Lefkas Cultural Center
Address: Aggelou Sikelianou 1 & Nikou Svoronou, 31 100 Lefkada
Tel.: 2645026635, 26711
Fax: 2645026715
E-mail: lefkasf@otenet.gr , info@lefkasculturalcenter.gr
WebSite: www.lefkasculturalcenter.gr

three photos of Cultural Center


A number of rooms have been reserved to the following recommended hotels with reduced rates. This reservation is for a block of rooms set aside until the 30th of May 2007.

Please contact the recommended hotels individually /directly and book from this block of rooms referring to the SMC07 Conference. After the 30th of May 2007 the remaining rooms will be more expensive.

I. Nirikos

Single-bed Room :    30 €
Two-bed Room :      40 €

three photos of Nirikos Hotel

II. Konaki

Rooms and suites

three photos of Konaki Hotel

III. Villagio Maistro

Apartments/Bungalows:    60 € per apartment. The above price does not include breakfast. Breakfast is available at the price of 5 € per person.

three photos of Villagio Maistro

IV. Castro Maistro

Distance from conference venue: 2 km.
Studios:    35 € per room. The above price does not include breakfast. Breakfast is available at the price of 5 € per person.

three photos of Castro Maistro

V. Saint Thomas Village

Distance from conference venue: 0.5 km.
Apartments:    60 € per apartment. The above price does not include breakfast.

three photos of Saint Thomas Village

More information for accommodation one can find in the following sites:


How to reach Lefkada
  • By air
    • The nearest airport to Lefkada Island is located near Preveza, in the mainland. Preveza can be reached by plane from most international airports, passing by the airport of Athens.
    • Regular flights link Athens to Preveza and the flying time between Athens and Preveza is of about 45 minutes.
    • Lefkada Town is situated only 25 kilometres from Preveza, about 30 minutes drive.
    • Public buses (KTEL) serve the airport to and from the capital and to and from Nidri. The faster way to effectuate the trip the airport to and from Lefkada is by taxi; a taxi rank is available in front of the airport and near the harbour of Lefkada Town, with a cost of about 35 € (from the airport to Lefkada city).
  • By car
    • Private car driving maps and road details can be found at www.viamichelin.com
    • Public Buses run by KTEL SA or KTEL
      Bus departures from Athens to Lefkada DAY
      07:00      13:00      16:30      20:30 Monday – Sunday
      Bus departures from Lefkada to Athens
      07:00      09:30      12:30      17:15 Monday – Saturday
      09:30      12:30      16:30      17:15 Sunday
      Bus departures from Patras to Lefkada  
      15:30 Friday
      20:15 Sunday
      Bus departures from Lefkada to Patras  
      09:00 Friday
      17:00 Sunday

      Bus Station in Athens: Avenue Kifisou 100,              phone: 2105150108
      Bus Station in Lefkada: 8th Merarchias street,         phone: 2645022364
      Bus Station in Patras: Othonos & Amalias 58 street, phone: 2610274938

    • Lefkada's Taxies Association phone numbers: 2645021200, 2645024600, 2645021001, 2645092000

  • By sea
    • There are regular ferry connections from Italy (Ancona, Bari, Brintisi, Venice) to Greece: Patras (163 km to Lefkada), Igoumenitsa (115 km to Lefkada) and Corfu island.
Inside Lefkada
  • Bicycle
  • Motorcycle
  • Moped
  • Car

Suggested Rentals (Inside Lefkada)

I.   Santas Rental Company
II.  Budget Rentals (Leventopoulos)

Food & Drink

  • At conference venue: Coffee and refreshments during session breaks.
  • At Milos Beach Surf Resort: Light lunch during lunch break. (Coupons available for 10 €)
  • Suggestions for Dining:
    • Frini
    • Agyrovoli
    • Eu Zin


map of Lefkada
          Lefkada Island

          Lefkada City

Photo Gallery

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