SMC'06 invites the submission of research papers, reports, posters, and demos on topics in all the fields of sound/music computing, but with a special interest in research dealing with Image & Video / Sound & Music relations which would include :

Music Representation/Visualisation
Image Based Control of Sound and Music
Multimedia Performance Systems/Languages
Multimodal Perception and Cognition

and for the more traditional topics :

Algorithms/Languages/Environments for Music Composition
Micro/Macro Level Unified Music Environment
Physical Modeling for Sound/Music Generation
Natural and Virtual 3D Acoustic Space
Sound Synthesis/Processing: Language/Environment Level
Sound Synthesis/Processing: Signal/Physical Level

Formalisation, Representation of Musical Structure/Knowledge
Models for Interactivity and Generativity
Music Notation
Music Perception and Cognition
Musical Pattern Recognition
Computational Musicology, Analysis
Musical Style Modeling
Artificial Intelligence and Music
Acoustic Sound Models Study
Computer System in Music Education

Real Time Architectures, Languages, Environments
Real Time Music/Sound Features Analysis Systems
Interactive Performance Systems
Instrumental Gesture : Modeling, Mapping, Control
Gesture Sensing Systems